Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not Over You

Gavin DeGraw ( I call him superbeast)

I cant get this song out of my head. Its an amazing song so i don't mind. Freaking awesome. Oh, the girl in the video looks like an older version of my neighbor. I didn't know this but he is also the guy who did the "One Tree Hill" theme song. Ha ha, Owe that one to my cousin 

Monday, October 17, 2011

To Hungry to Care

Boss, you good?

Ricky Rosay had me scared when I heard about his two seizures. Apparently he had 2 seizures on the same day and both where while he was flying. The reasons for the seizures are unsure. Though he is a big dude I doubt it was because of his weight, because seizures have more to do with electric activity in the brain than it has to do with weight. The two accidents still didn't stop him from getting to the grand opening of Wing Stop in Memphis. Hey if you hungry you got to eat... Anyway I'm glad he is ok cause to many people whose important to me has died recently TOO MUCH TO HANDLE  

Red Cafe, Lets fly!!!

Red Cafe- Fly Together, ft. Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie

I've wanted to blog about this for a while now but the music video just came out. The Boss, Rick Ross, and amazing vocalist Ryan Leslie got together on Red Cafe new single "Fly Together", I consider this song a smash. Once it hits the radio its going to BLOW!!! The ladies are going to love it because of Ryan, and Rick Ross and Red Cafe dropped ill rhymes for the fellas. The video was amazing; it was definitely worth the wait. So please, please, please go check it out.

*****Joel's 5 star approval*****

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess Whos BACK!!!.... A Tip

NO Mercy

As im sure you guys already know but if you dont our residential bad ass T.I is out of his half-way house and back to work. His new album no mercy is alright. If your a T.I fan you will love it. At one point i use to love his music but all his in and out of jail escapades made me fall off. One thing i like from an artist is consistency and with this guy its uncertain. The upside to this is that he did a track featuring Big K.I.R.T (who i love). the song is called "Im Flexin" and thats available on itunes  so check it out.....

****oh i almost forgot umm T.I  is going to be on in 2 days that means Thursday at 5:00 pm... if you guys want me to do a post on what he says leave comments!!!!

Lotus Flower Boom


Wale single "lotus flower boom" is now available on itunes. but honestly you should just wait and get the album "Ambition" comes out in like 3 weeks on the 1st. but if you cant wait for this single check out itunes

Friday, October 7, 2011


yea so fabolous has made a vid for his song ''Riesling and Rolling Papers'' its a decent song umm it off his mixtape called "the soul tape" be sure to look in to that. the vid is all black and white i guess he was keeping the classic theme he did for the mixtape.  of course it has a beautiful girl in it and there like chillin on the beach unfortunately no one on youtube has the vid yet, but i have a link so check it out courtesy of

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Sean, Finally Famous!!

Finally Famous 
Big Sean

well this is new news to me. so big sean who is an super great artist has a series of shirts. the design seems nice but designs are not the only thing nessary to make a good quality tee. I dont own one so i cant give you personal decriptions on the product. but like i said it looks great and he is a fashionable guy so i have no doubt he knows the importance of quality and design. 

****I like what i see****

Really Webby, condoms

Image of Cw Condoms 3 for $5 Image of Get loose
Image of La La La

so every artists have there little hussle, so Chris Webby is an artist i just started to like. ive known he was out there for like 2 years but i just never look in to it. It turns out he has his own like mini store, he sells stuff like close and accessories. Thats cool, but it starts to get weird... he sells his own condoms i mean i guess thats not a bad thing, n i can honestly say i dont know any other artist doing that. At first i thought it looked a little desperate but now i consider it unique and it has potential to be something big... umm if you guys are looking for some of his work his most recent mix tape is called " Webster's Laboratory", you can find it at o and in case you are wondering, Yes he loves cartoons. on his website he also has a mixtape for sale so feal free to buy it.

Image of Best in The Burbs Mixtape you guys can find all of this and more at his site

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wayne and a Jonas, surprise!!!

i don't think i have joe on here oh well!!

yea so check it out!! Wayne did a track(remix) with joe jonas and the track was so hot it unbelievable. i wasn't a big fan of any of the jonas brothers they are just alright to me, but i really liked the track. go check it out immediately

oh yea i had a link to the song but unfortunately they have all been removed due to copy write infringement laws, so sorry i wont be able to post it, but i wish you well on your hunt for the song.

its all about, AMBITION!!!

Cant wait? be like me, Pre-order (it saves time)
Wale- Ambition

wale album is now available for preorder. i don't have much to say but i have been waiting for wale to make a independent album for an extremely long time. i do advise you to preorder it because not only will you be the first to own the album but he also have some nice bundle items(u can never go wrong with bundle items). yea I'm kinda looking forward to the ambition bracelet it looks sick!!!

you can get yours here!!! Better hurry:

Kanye does NOT take breaks!!!

Kanye shoes its not all for the fellas.

Still soaring over the success of the "Watch The Thrown", a collab album of jay z and kanye, kanye has recently released his spring 2012 fashion collection, and its strictly for the ladies. Of course he chose to do a premier fashion showcase in what i consider his second home... Paris!!! honestly he chose the best place, HELLO fashion capital of the world... tho i wont be wearing any of the items i found them very interesting. the thing i like about kanye's line is that its unique. most of the designers go for something bland, but kanye line had spark. it seems to me that he is giving a little class to urban fashion, and thats a good thing. i really like the fact that most of the items can be easily matched with other items in a ladies closet but still have a stand out shine of there own. when designers get real colorful with designs its hard to match it with other outfits. however i don't feel like that with most of the items kanye has shown.

****To all the ladies; give kanye your support!