Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gavin Degraw Dies

Flashback 2004
this is from dead like me
Watching this old show and seen this so i decided to post it... and that's it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Jay

Hope its not to late

Its Jay Z birthday yall. New York's favorite rapper turns 42 today, and he is still going strong. He is still at the top at this age so I guess it save to say Jay is never going to leave the game. His head stone is going to say R.T.D (rapper till death).

Monday, December 5, 2011


As I Thought

Song List

As I thought Tyga released a little something to hold his fans over till the album. I still think his "Last King" album is being released on the 20th of this month so keep a lookout for that. Haven't had a chance to really listen and dissect the tape, but what I heard so far sounds good. Its kind of classic Tyga; if your a fan you know what I mean

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tyga Can't Wait Much Longer

Careless World

I love this guys music, but this album is taking him forever to released. He change the release date about 3 times. He releases mixtapes to keep his fans happy, but we want the good stuff. It's all good I can be a patient. It's supposed to drop on the dec. 20(niece's birthday) hopefully he doesn't push it back.


Hottest Album

This was the best album I bought this year. I expected nothing less from Wale. The artist he chose to do collaborations with were fantastic. I loved every song on this album, including the tracks that he put out for the ladies. I'm proud of the development in his flow and the way he delivers his lyrics. I really don't have any advice or warnings. Rarely do I say the words, "Perfect Album", but that's what this was to me, "A Perfect Album". So if you haven't bought it buy it. NOW!!!

*****Jay's 5 Star Approval*****

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pauly D and 50 Cent!!!

It might turn out brilliant

So I heard 50 cent signed Pauly D to G-unit. Honestly it was a shock to me, but I expect nothing less than greatness from 50. He is into everything. Pauly is apparently working in the dance(house) and pop music. There has also some talk of a Pauly D headphone which will be releasing soon, so keep a look out for that. To all you guys who thought Pauly D would do nothing after Jersey Shore seems as though you were wrong. Between his alleged upcoming MTV spin-off and this huge deal with 50 makes his future seem bright. Can't wait to see whats next.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Less Than Expected

Really Mac!!!

Anyone who knows me know I'm a big supporter of Mac Miller. When I heard his mixtape "Kids" he immediately gained the privilege of being of my top 10 rappers. Needless to say I was kind of disappointed with his album. It wasn't a bad album but I think that for a debut album you should go much harder. Now I like a total of 6 songs on his album the rest of the tracks were ok. Normally I would consider that a decent cd, but for your first album you need to make me love at least 12 of the 16 tracks you made. Some of his rhyme flow didn't really fit smoothly with the beat. I don't know if he was experimenting or what, but that was only on 2 songs. I love the fact that he always have at least 1 song with a old school beat(with a twist). Considering that he put out a good(not great) mixtape on black Friday gave him a little slack room. I will always love a be a supporter of mac but I just expected more from Blue Slide Park.

I give the album a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I had surgery 2 weeks ago and because of the extreme amount of pain  I did not post this but i will not be posting any new things for more weeks. It was major ankle surgery so I am in so much pain and I am doped up on oxycotten and volume, so i diagnose myself incapable of writing. When i do come back ( 2 weeks) I will be giving you my thoughts on 2 new albums i will have, mac millers - Blue Slide Park (which is in the mail on its way to my house), and Wale- Ambition (which I already have thanks to pre-order). Make sure you get the albums and read my new post on them in 2 weeks.

again, SORRY...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not Over You

Gavin DeGraw ( I call him superbeast)

I cant get this song out of my head. Its an amazing song so i don't mind. Freaking awesome. Oh, the girl in the video looks like an older version of my neighbor. I didn't know this but he is also the guy who did the "One Tree Hill" theme song. Ha ha, Owe that one to my cousin 

Monday, October 17, 2011

To Hungry to Care

Boss, you good?

Ricky Rosay had me scared when I heard about his two seizures. Apparently he had 2 seizures on the same day and both where while he was flying. The reasons for the seizures are unsure. Though he is a big dude I doubt it was because of his weight, because seizures have more to do with electric activity in the brain than it has to do with weight. The two accidents still didn't stop him from getting to the grand opening of Wing Stop in Memphis. Hey if you hungry you got to eat... Anyway I'm glad he is ok cause to many people whose important to me has died recently TOO MUCH TO HANDLE  

Red Cafe, Lets fly!!!

Red Cafe- Fly Together, ft. Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie

I've wanted to blog about this for a while now but the music video just came out. The Boss, Rick Ross, and amazing vocalist Ryan Leslie got together on Red Cafe new single "Fly Together", I consider this song a smash. Once it hits the radio its going to BLOW!!! The ladies are going to love it because of Ryan, and Rick Ross and Red Cafe dropped ill rhymes for the fellas. The video was amazing; it was definitely worth the wait. So please, please, please go check it out.

*****Joel's 5 star approval*****

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess Whos BACK!!!.... A Tip

NO Mercy

As im sure you guys already know but if you dont our residential bad ass T.I is out of his half-way house and back to work. His new album no mercy is alright. If your a T.I fan you will love it. At one point i use to love his music but all his in and out of jail escapades made me fall off. One thing i like from an artist is consistency and with this guy its uncertain. The upside to this is that he did a track featuring Big K.I.R.T (who i love). the song is called "Im Flexin" and thats available on itunes  so check it out.....

****oh i almost forgot umm T.I  is going to be on in 2 days that means Thursday at 5:00 pm... if you guys want me to do a post on what he says leave comments!!!!

Lotus Flower Boom


Wale single "lotus flower boom" is now available on itunes. but honestly you should just wait and get the album "Ambition" comes out in like 3 weeks on the 1st. but if you cant wait for this single check out itunes

Friday, October 7, 2011


yea so fabolous has made a vid for his song ''Riesling and Rolling Papers'' its a decent song umm it off his mixtape called "the soul tape" be sure to look in to that. the vid is all black and white i guess he was keeping the classic theme he did for the mixtape.  of course it has a beautiful girl in it and there like chillin on the beach unfortunately no one on youtube has the vid yet, but i have a link so check it out courtesy of

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big Sean, Finally Famous!!

Finally Famous 
Big Sean

well this is new news to me. so big sean who is an super great artist has a series of shirts. the design seems nice but designs are not the only thing nessary to make a good quality tee. I dont own one so i cant give you personal decriptions on the product. but like i said it looks great and he is a fashionable guy so i have no doubt he knows the importance of quality and design. 

****I like what i see****