Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guess Whos BACK!!!.... A Tip

NO Mercy

As im sure you guys already know but if you dont our residential bad ass T.I is out of his half-way house and back to work. His new album no mercy is alright. If your a T.I fan you will love it. At one point i use to love his music but all his in and out of jail escapades made me fall off. One thing i like from an artist is consistency and with this guy its uncertain. The upside to this is that he did a track featuring Big K.I.R.T (who i love). the song is called "Im Flexin" and thats available on itunes  so check it out.....

****oh i almost forgot umm T.I  is going to be on www.ustream.com in 2 days that means Thursday at 5:00 pm... if you guys want me to do a post on what he says leave comments!!!!

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