Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Really Webby, condoms

Image of Cw Condoms 3 for $5 Image of Get loose
Image of La La La

so every artists have there little hussle, so Chris Webby is an artist i just started to like. ive known he was out there for like 2 years but i just never look in to it. It turns out he has his own like mini store, he sells stuff like close and accessories. Thats cool, but it starts to get weird... he sells his own condoms i mean i guess thats not a bad thing, n i can honestly say i dont know any other artist doing that. At first i thought it looked a little desperate but now i consider it unique and it has potential to be something big... umm if you guys are looking for some of his work his most recent mix tape is called " Webster's Laboratory", you can find it at o and in case you are wondering, Yes he loves cartoons. on his website he also has a mixtape for sale so feal free to buy it.

Image of Best in The Burbs Mixtape you guys can find all of this and more at his site

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