Monday, October 3, 2011

Kanye does NOT take breaks!!!

Kanye shoes its not all for the fellas.

Still soaring over the success of the "Watch The Thrown", a collab album of jay z and kanye, kanye has recently released his spring 2012 fashion collection, and its strictly for the ladies. Of course he chose to do a premier fashion showcase in what i consider his second home... Paris!!! honestly he chose the best place, HELLO fashion capital of the world... tho i wont be wearing any of the items i found them very interesting. the thing i like about kanye's line is that its unique. most of the designers go for something bland, but kanye line had spark. it seems to me that he is giving a little class to urban fashion, and thats a good thing. i really like the fact that most of the items can be easily matched with other items in a ladies closet but still have a stand out shine of there own. when designers get real colorful with designs its hard to match it with other outfits. however i don't feel like that with most of the items kanye has shown.

****To all the ladies; give kanye your support!

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